JUST YOU by Queen V (New Music Alert)


Have you ever listened to a song before and just say ‘Ahh yes! this is what i wanted’?

Here is that song. An amazing Motivational song from our Ebony Queen V titled “JUST YOU”

This first single by multi-talented Queen V is too much a Hit! with a voice that melts the heart and makes you pray the song never stops playing.

Very wonderful voice and powerful message, the kind that takes you on a beautiful journey of life and it’s awesomeness. Queen V tells her audience to be the Architecture of their own lives, not to live like people want you to but believe in yourself and at the end of this Tasty melody she sings “Don’t let nobody take your time unnecessarily”

Listen to this song with two eyes closed and tell us your thought after the melody.

..there are more where this came from..


DOWNLOAD: JUST YOU by Queen V (80 downloads)